d0x on dutch pedo site members: http://pastebin.com/nfVnuhwF


4 comments on “d0x

  1. Stormfront dox plox? Love you long time.

  2. U.guys rock,u r da real heroes

  3. real life super heroes!!!!!

  4. Some not so popular secretive agencies (Can & US)

    The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is Canada’s largest, best
    funded and most highly secretive intelligence agency, and is the main
    provider of foreign intelligence to the Canadian government. CSE collects,
    analyses and reports on signals intelligence (SIGINT) derived from
    interceptions of foreign electronic communications, radio, radar, telemetry,
    and other electromagnetic emissions. In fulfilment of its foreign intelligence
    function, CSE collaborates closely in a special SIGINT sharing arrangement
    with the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand known
    as UKUSA. CSE is also responsible for providing technical advice and
    guidance for protecting Canadian government communications and electronic
    data security.


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