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Updates n’ Stuff

Greetings Friends,

We’ve been busy over here at LulzFinancial. Today we dropped the d0x on some pedo’s and it’s been the first addition to our d0x page here on the site. We also decided to leave the mibbit IRC Chat for now, until we find a more secure place to hang out in real time. We are in talks with other anons about getting set up with something protected and moderated on another irc server.

Also, we’ve got a new profile on TorStatusNet , it’s like Twitter but for Tor so it’s a lot more secure and safe in general. Feel free to find us there: http://lotjbov3gzzf23hc.onion/index.php/lulzfinancial

Thank you for sailing with us.

P.S don’t forget you can always stay in touch and up to date via our embassy http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/snapbbs/76211f31/threadlist.php? You’ll need a user/pass


One comment on “Updates n’ Stuff

  1. As a childhood victim of pedophilia, I have to say that I like you guys more and more! Way to go!

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