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We’re Jelly: LulzFin Gets a Nod From the Examiner.

  • LulzFinancial is a group we haven’t really heard much about. Claiming no official affiliation with either LulzSec or CabinCr3w the group mysteriously popped up at the beginning of the new year.
    However, the fact that they’re new doesn’t mean they haven’t been pro-active just in the last week they dumped email from mopa.sy, a Syrian government email provider. Claiming to be a new wave of “Hacktivists” these new-comers pose a serious threat.
    Today they announced “Tango Down Tuesday” using the hashtag #TDT on twitter. Saying that “Tacos are also free on Tuesday” Apparently keeping with their prankster, jovial ways. While requests for tacos were not immediately returned, reporters and journalists are scrambling to find a rational explanation. So far they’ve noted downtime for Anonymous favorite the Westboro Baptist Church and neo-nazi site StormFront.org. They say more is to come…
  • https://www.examiner.com/anonymous-in-national/lulzfinancial-sets-sail-westboro-baptist-church-stormfront-syria-suffer

One comment on “We’re Jelly: LulzFin Gets a Nod From the Examiner.

  1. Regarding Westboro Baptist Church…
    thank you
    thank you.

    This is the first time I’d heard your name, but thank you so much. I’ve been waiting so long for someone with some skillz to pay attention to these evil people. I’m an Army veteran, so thank you.

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